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This post is written entirely for our supporters. We are so grateful for each one of you!

I love the poem Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost. The speaker in the poem expresses a desire to stay in the woods he is passing through, to enjoy the beauty and calm.

I can totally relate to the desire to stop and breathe it all in.

The year 2018 was chalk-full of action. In September we opened a satellite location in Collingwood to serve the South Georgian Bay (SGB) community. We changed the name of our organization from “Barrie Pregnancy Resource Centre” to “Envisage Pregnancy Services” to better reflect the expansion of our service area. And we were privileged to journey with 253 individuals through various aspects of pregnancy challenges, including …

• 868 visits through our main Barrie office
• 20 visits through our SGB satellite
• 52 pregnancy tests (19 positive, 33 negative)
• 83 individuals exploring pregnancy options
• 86 childbirth classes taught
• 24 babies born to families we supported
• 8 births supported by our doula team
• 1 birth-mother supported as she placed her baby for adoption
• 3 clients receiving grief support after abortion

While there is a tremendous value in rest and in reflection of what God has done, there is also a need to keep pressing on, because like the speaker in Frost’s poem … we have “miles to go before we sleep”.

As we enter a new year and continue to hear from new individuals facing very difficult pregnancy situations, we are so aware that we have “miles to go” to respond to these needs. In South Georgian Bay we already see a need to increase our hours of operation by opening a third day per week. In Barrie we hear from individuals in Innisfil, Bradford and Alliston, who cannot always travel to Barrie for support. We long to establish branch locations in these communities where we can send our current team to meet with clients by appointment. And over the years we have become increasingly aware of the need to provide a more formal support program to those who have experienced pregnancy loss (15-25% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage and 4.3 out of 1000 end in stillbirth) We long to provide care in each of these situations in a way that shines hope.

As we look at the year ahead, we see good things. One opportunity before us is the fact that the remaining $220,000 on our mortgage at our main location in Barrie (5 Sophia St. East) is due for renewal in August. We are currently exploring mortgage options and we would love to offer the win-win opportunity to one of our supporters, or a group of supporters, to hold our mortgage privately for us. This would save Envisage the cost of a commercial mortgage broker and expenses involved in acquiring a new mortgage – while also offering a wise investment opportunity to the lender at a competitive rate. If you are interested in providing a private mortgage to Envisage, please contact me at Another opportunity we have this spring is the opportunity to reduce our monthly payments by reducing the principal amount of the mortgage as much as possible, before we renew it in August.

We are SO incredibly grateful for each person who partners financially with Envisage! It is your generosity and faithfulness that allows us to provide wholistic service and support to each person who contacts us. So we always seek to steward wisely all that is entrusted to us. This winter, as we look at the areas where we desire to expand services, we realize that we could begin to meet each of the needs we described above in the fall of 2019, if we raised the full amount of our mortgage by August. Paying our mortgage early would allow us to channel all of the funds we would pay in interest back into the lives of our clients. And while raising $220,000 is no small thing, it is actually quite “doable” when the amount is spread amongst all the individuals, families, churches and businesses that support Envisage. Last year during our baby bottle campaign, we distributed over 2000 bottles through 33 participating churches. If 1100 people, churches or businesses all donated $200 each, our mortgage would be paid! Or if only 200 people, churches or businesses donated $1,100 each, our mortgage would be paid! We realize that donating $200 is not in some budgets … and that others can give beyond $1,100 … so we put together a little chart to help visualize how various donation amounts could help to pay Envisage’s mortgage, so that we could more effectively respond to the needs before us ….

If this many people… Each donate this amount… Our mortgage will be reduced by…
100 $100 $10,000
100 $200 $20,000
100 $500 $50,000
80 $1,000 $80,000
10 $2,000 $20,000
4 $5,000 $20,000
2 $10,000 $20,000
… Our Mortgage will be PAID IN FULL! $220,000

Each day at Envisage, our team starts the day with prayer together. One request that I continually lift before the Lord is that HE would provide the way HE wants to provide, for us to serve in the ways HE wants us to, in the timing that HE directs us to. We do not want to get ahead of His plan, or fall behind it. Would you join us in praying about this matter of our mortgage … that if His best plan is for it to be paid in a timely way, that He would provide for that to happen? And would you also pray about whether He would have you be part of the solution?

Thank you so much for your care for the teens, women, men, families, and babies we serve. Without your partnership, we would be nothing.

Kathy Pedersen
Executive Director